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We are interested in building transparent and honest relationships. We trust our partners and expect the same in return. We provide facilities for both parties to make money and have fun rather than pay bonuses, impose penalties, or offer kickbacks.

Dear distributors!
Our goal is to offer you the best products on the market, and you help us achieve this goal. We have considered all of the key factors that are of great importance to you and we are ready to guarantee the following:

No stock shortages
Efficient shipping to anywhere in Ukraine with orders delivered within 2 days
Fast order processing

We believe in people, in their talents and potential. We are completely sure that passion can move mountains. Therefore, we sell our products through exclusive sales representatives of the Wine Bureau distribution company. If you want to know what it means and how it can improve your sales, please contact our managers.

Anton Bernikov
+38 095 271 42 95
Maksim Makeev
+38 050 358 90 18
Taras Yanchuk
+38 067 67 373 58
Andrey Khaba
+38 067 56 383 89
Roman Voytyuk
+38 050 35 187 49

Dear restaurateurs!
We are glad that you are interested in the service we offer.
Our goal is to make your life as comfortable and easy as possible, no matter to what extent you are involved in you business administration. We also want you to meet your customers’ needs and make them feel happy and satisfied. To achieve this you’ll need three basic things:

Quality wine brought directly from the manufacturer, at a fair price, with no stock shortages. We are serious about logistics with the same-day delivery in Kiev and up to two days in the regions
Proper glass in which wine reveals maximum of its flavour and taste potential. If you doubt the fact that there is a fundamental difference, you can ask us to create a comparative tasting workshop, after which you will be able to make your choice. In turn, we will offer you good lease deals or best purchase conditions.
Competent staff. You can count on our help in the recruitment, waiters and sommeliers trainings. Their motivation is reflected in your sales volume. We organise motivational trips to wineries and exhibitions on regular basis. Your employees will be able to see where and how wine is made. The wine they offer their customers.

We will support your sales by promotional activities such as special offers and festivals. You can rely on the turn-key solutions or leverage our resources in developing new ideas.

There is one more thing you should know – we do not aim to cover 100% of potential customers in our work. We would like to work with those who share our principles and are willing to work according to them.

Ksenіya Poltavets
+38 050 91 208 43 poltavets.k@goodwine.ua
Natalya Pomortseva
+38 095 280 36 42 pomortseva.n@goodwine.ua
Sergey Kozhuhar
+38 050 385 04 86 kozhuhar.s@goodwine.ua
Vladimir Vladeev
+38 067 41 722 16
Vitaliy Zhigun
+38 050 46 465 94

Dear buying/purchasing experts and owners of retail businesses!
Working with us means being in a small company of similar businesses, being financially successful, with a large market share and an excellent reputation among consumers.
All the members of this group are our partners. Normally, our partners are those who have come to conclusion that such factors as increasing their average ticket, raising sales of imported alcohol, and making money on sales of goods, are much more important than uncompromising terms, bonuses and penalties. We have been able to double our sales of alcohol products in a year, and we are ready to share our experience and knowledge.
We are looking for partners like us, who will develop their customers’ sense of taste by offering them quality products at fair price. By putting our products on your shelves, you will also get in touch with experienced sommeliers being able to give customers help and professional advice.
There is one more thing you should know. We do not aim to cover 100% of potential customers in our work. We would like to work with those who share our principles and are willing to work according to them.
If you have some additional questions do not hesitate to contact Valentin Pavlyak.

Valentin Pavlyak
+38 050 382 01 77 valik@goodwine.ua

Dear customers!
If you want to develop a retail selling network of high-quality alcoholic beverages, then we are here to support you. Our product range includes over 4,000 wines, 1,000 distilled beverages, 100 beers and the best serving accessories. We have assembled this collection bit by bit to raise the level of wine culture in Ukraine. To view a complete list of our products, please go to Our Brands section.
A little more about why you will enjoy working with us. We only do business with like-minded people,whom we call partners. We have special terms for our partners: the ability to make pre-orders at a good price and get store credit.
For more detailed information, please contact Leonid Lopatin.

Leonid Lopatin
+38 050 446 26 42 lopatin.l@goodwine.ua

Dear customers!
When looking for a reliable supplier, you undoubtedly already have a list of selection criteria. Here is a list of our services to choose from. The rest is up to you.

We can help you pick the right alcohol for corporate events, weddings and celebrations from our range of more than 4,000 products.
We can arrange tasting sessions with a professional sommelier at any of your events.
If necessary, we can provide proper glasses for drinks, as well as other accessories for serving.
We can suggest exclusive gift ideas for your co-workers, customers and partners. Limited edition distilled spirits, branded bottles featuring your company logo.
We can deliver any order to anywhere in Ukraine on time and at no cost.

To carry out any of the above mentioned ideas, choose a personal manager and contact us.

Lusia Rozanova
+38 063 841 80 72
+38 050 411 65 42
Светлана Сокур
+38 095 272 31 33 sokur.s@goodwine.ua
Tatyana Bondarchuk
+38 095 284 61 90 bondarchuk.t@goodwine.ua

Dear customers!

We believe that wine preferences of our customers can be very diverse, and we want to implement the most daring, unusual and even very private ideas.

Our collection of rare wines is the largest in Ukraine. We have assembled it bit by bit over eight years, focusing on buying from manufacturers and trusted merchants. Therefore, we can guarantee that the wine you purchase has been stored properly and minimum shipment was made which is of crucial importance to the proper wine storage.
We are one of the largest Ukrainian importers of wines at the moment. We import wine from Bordeaux (more than 400 chateaux) and Burgundy (27 of 33 Grand Crus), featuring such brands as Chateau Rauzan-Segla, Domaine Leroy, Domaine de Lambrays, Domaine Dugat-Py, Jean Grivot, etc. You can easily find the Petrus and Mouton Rothschild vertical collections, rare white wine Château Haut-Brion, and the remaining eight great wines in out stores.
We have several boxes of each of these wines, not just one bottle per wine.
We can easily get you a collection of Bordeaux Magnums (made in the best years) or vintages of great Domaine de la Romanée-Conti starting from 1957, or a selection of rare wines from Le Macchiole, Biserno, Petrolo, Soldera, etc. We can find and deliver to Kiev any rare wine, the best vintages of Burgundy, Champagne, Bordeaux and Super Tuscans, along with port wines and dessert wines.
If you are a proud owner of a wine cellar, we can help you fill and take care of it with advice on inventorying, replenishing, proper storage, preparing wines for drinking and gastronomic combinations.We will be happy to make you a proud owner of the best wine collections.

Lyudmila Kovalchuk
Head of Private Clients department (050) 464 66 09



Wine School is an educational project for all who are interested in the world of wine and spirits.

Guide to
Good Wine

Magazine guide to the world of fine wine. Everything we tell - have been tested, taste, and feel we have been experienced personally.


Lucky is an haute cuisine restaurant of Vladimir Yaroslavsky. Here you can taste dishes of modern European cuisine in extraordinary presentation and service.

Wine School is an educational project for all who are interested in the world of wine and spirits.

Our goal is to provide a detailed guide to the varied, confusing and contradictory information given in the field. We also aim to tell applicants enrolled in the training about the iconic wine regions, wines and spirits, and point out the most important current trends in the world of alcohol. To do this, we have a team of teacher-sommeliers, who are devoted experts in their fields, a variety of tasting wines from Good Wine's collection, as well as the unique atmosphere and traditions.
We offer a thorough 3-month course, where you study the basics of wine and spirit making. Graduates can also attend wine clubs and workshops. We plan to launch a special course on French wines, a beer school, and field summer schools in different cities of Ukraine.

Administrator of Wine School
Alina Bodina
M: + 38 (050) 381 25 21
E: bodina.a@goodwine.ua

‘Guide to Good Wine’, as its name implies, is designed to be a readers' guide to the world of fine wine. Everything we describe has been tested, tasted, experienced and felt by us personally. We do not copy or plagiarize other people's articles - our materials are written by our own authors, who are experts in this field. We do not interview winemakers, oenologists, critics or celebrities unless we know them personally. Our tasting is always held by professional sommeliers. We want to share our knowledge, so please have a look at our ‘Guide to Good Wine’.

Yulia Demyanenko
Project Manager
(050) 46 46 582
Lucky - is an haute cuisine restaurant of Vladimir Yaroslavsky. Here you can taste dishes of modern European cuisine in extraordinary presentation and service. Several principles of good cuisine by Vladimir Yaroslavsky:
All natural food. As explained by the chef, the formula of high-quality food is the quality of products. The greater part of them he chooses in Good Wine, which focused on organic products. Its employees are always meticulous in the choice and quality control of products on the shelves.
The best wine. Suitable wine is essential for enogastronomic harmony. In the restaurant the choice for guests is not limited by short wine list. Any bottle of wine from the shelves of Good Wine may be broached. Coravin technology allows tasting any wine without breaking the cork.
Special event. Due to its location, the restaurant is suitable both for business lunches and for unhurried supper with a bottle of good wine, accompanied by live music. Be sure to ask the waiter about the secret dishes. Exclusive products are often brought to the chef and he cooks dishes not from the menu only for one evening.

Kiev, Mechnikova 9
Phone: 095 299 07 99
Time of work:
Mon - Fri: 8: 00-23: 00
Sat - Sun 12: 00-23: 00
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Lusia Rozanova
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Anton Bernikov
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Tatyana Bondarchuk
Taras Yanchuk
Sergey Kozhuhar
Natalya Pomortseva
Leonid Lopatin
Ksenia Poltavets
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Stanislav Borisov
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Anton Kutz
Vladimir Antonov
Valentin Kuzmenok
Alina Bodina
Alena Garmash
Andrey Kisel
Alexandr Shehanin
Lyudmila Kovalchuk
Olga Supukaryova

We only do what we like and what we sincerely believe in with no exceptions.

At Wine Bureau, we believe that successful projects can only be implemented by happy people.

The idea behind starting Wine Bureau quite simple: the market lacked adequate supply of wines and mark-ups were too high. We decided to put things straight by bringing a large selection of wines and proper spirits directly from manufacturers. Our priority was not making money but rather offering customers more choice and fair prices. This has been our mission ever since.
Six years have passed from the moment our first shop opened in Kiev. So, what have we accomplished?
  • We are largest Ukrainian importer of wine and spirits.
  • We have 200 direct import contracts.
  • We sell about 4 million bottles every year.
  • We import 60% of all Bordeaux wines (400 châteaux), 70 varieties of Barolo wines, 25 Grand Crus from Burgundy (of the 33 existing), we offer 26 Champagne houses. In total, our range includes more than 4,000 items.
  • We operate a retail network under the brand "Good Wine" with 2 shops in Kiev
  • We sell wines and spirits as a distributor throughout Ukraine, including HoReCa locations and specialty stores.
In 2010, we made an important decision and started to import and distribute food products, which is today a separate business for us - Good Food. The Good Food format means importing and selling healthy, natural and organic products without preservatives, colourings, flavour enhancers, emulsifiers, etc. And at a fair price that is competitive with the price in the field of production. Today we have more than 80 direct contracts with suppliers.
Much attention is paid to farmers, who focus on the production of natural and organic products. We believe in local products and their exceptional health benefits. Food products that you consume every day, such as meat, milk, eggs, bread, vegetables, are mostly made in Ukraine.
Several simple statements related to the company's philosophy:
Every brand and every product for us is history. We want to reach as many people as possible with the products that we offer. They embody our approach to business and our attitude towards life. We only sell what we personally like.
We only sell what we personally and we are happy that our customers can accept it and appreciate it. In our shops you will never find products that do not meet our quality standards. We do not compromise on this issue.
Long-term relationship between people comes first when we sign the contract. We know all our suppliers personally. We are open and honest in our intentions, and we expect the same from our partners.
We take our projects seriously, with love and compassion, and we believe that this is the true the key to success!


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01033, Kiev
9 Mechnikova st.


P: +38 044 390 75 00
F: +38 044 390 79 60


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